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Del Mar Watch
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Del Mar Watches offers the finest technological watch advances in the industry. View our new additions to the line including the Premier Automatic Self-Winding Watches and updates to our line with Long Lasting Batteries for up to 7-year life.

Are you a Wholesaler for Del Mar Watches?

All Del Mar Watches are delivered with an elite gift box featuring the Del Mar logo. Our watches offer a 5-year limited warranty and most models. See the top reasons to get signed up today!
Affordable Pricing

The entire line price point $79.95 to $239.95 & the new Premier Automatic – retail $199.95

Long Lasting Battery Life

Our Del Mar Watch batteries last 7-10 years. Now, that’s value.

Modern Style

The addition of color watch straps, dials creates a fashion experience. Together matched with long-life batteries makes a fashion statement to a repeat buyer.

A 25-year Watch!

Have you tried on a Del Mar SuperGlo Watch? Water resistant to 200 meters, Illuminating Glow Micro Gas and a 25-year Luminous Face makes this watch the ultimate sportsman’s watch.

Serious Divers

Join the Extreme Sports team with the 1000 Meter Water Resistant Diving Watches in two dial choices.

US Military Branch Watch

Choose from five branches of the US Military each with the branch’s logo and between three watch band types.

Customers love
Del Mar Watches!

Del Mar Watches Watchmakers are craftsmen building the best watch for the value. Many customers have had their watches for over 15 years upgrading the strap or bracelet, an occasional new battery … enjoying the good life.